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With this year’s CX Marketing Summit just a few weeks away, we’ve decided to sit down with some of our world class industry speakers for a “Speaker in the Spotlight” interview to hear more about their role, responsibilities and what they are most looking forward to about the event. Today we are joined by Adam Doffman, Head of Marketing & Brand at Lola’s Cupcakes…

Can you provide us with an insight into a ‘day in the life’ of your role?

This is quite a cliché response but no two days are the same at Lola’s Cupcakes and it entirely depends on what the priority is for that given week or month, given the highly seasonal nature of the business. I could be assisting with the direction video shoot for one of our new ranges, evaluating our paid ads performance across one of our many paid channels like YouTube or Google, or rolling my sleeves up and working with our new product team in the bakery. In addition to that regular communication with my very talented team of designers, PR experts and specialist marketeers keeps me on my toes and busy looking at all of their brilliant work.

How has Covid affected your marketing strategies?

From a channel perspective, we have had to temper our desire to test new, experimental brand channels (e.g. podcasts, niche print) with the necessity to continue investing in channels that provide a tangible return in terms of the bottom line. Given the importance of our online channel during the COVID pandemic, this has meant a prioritisation of activity that drives traffic. In terms of messaging there has also been a focus, particularly within ‘deep COVID’ in March, on practices that reassured our customers. We took the total axis shift of COVID to reflect on our brand assets and took the opportunity to refresh our brand language, visual assets and marketing strategy too. We realised that elevating happiness is at our core what we as a business do, and we have tried to combine this approach on our core with an approach to identify and market around novel buying opportunities, namely festivals that are under-tapped such as Eid and incoming Diwali.

We’re very excited about hear your thoughts and opinions during your presentation! Any chance we can get a sneak peek about what you will be specifically discussing?

I will be participating on the panel The Future of Marketing – What’s 2022 Going to Bring for Marketers?

In terms of 2022 Marketing Strategies, the topics I will steer towards in the panel will likely will be focusing on the resurgence of the retail space as a marketing channel which could run the risk of being forgotten given the move to online.

I will also discuss what I think 2022 will bring in terms of messaging and specifically how we as a business are going to navigate the government crackdown on HFSS content. Irrespective of whether we in reality are affected legally, there is clearly a shift in opinion towards HFSS dominant brands, so for us this is a challenge that we need to be prepared for

Marketers are going to need to increasingly justify their roles as a function of creating tangible business value in 2022. The COVID-led recession has likely burst the bubble of all discretionary marketing activities, i.e. big one-off event and brand ideas, at least for us in any case. 2022 will be the year where activity needs to now more than ever be justified, tested and scrutinised heavily before more spend is unlocked.

What are you most looking forward to about the event?

The chance to hear views from other marketing leaders in order for us to reflect on how we are approaching things at Lola’s Cupcakes.

Adam will be taking part in the exclusive panel discussion focusing on “The Future of Marketing – What’s 2022 Going to Bring for Marketers?” on Wednesday 13th October – you can register your FREE ticket to the event and catch Adam’s discussion live here

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