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Marketing Leaders Need To Face The Future And Embrace CX Now

People hate change, that’s a fact. I was once involved in an enormous change management programme at an investment bank where hundreds of people were flown all over the world for training, just so the changes the boss wanted to implement could be handled smoothly. The bottom line was that all that money was spent […]

Mark Hilary

Innovation And Agility Offers A Bright Future For El Salvador

I was speaking today in San Salvador, El Salvador, at the 2017 Investment Summit hosted by Proesa, the national export and investment promotion agency. The summit was a big event in El Salvador – for the first time ever president Salvador Sánchez Cerén came and opened the conference – speaking about opportunities for international trade across a wide […]

Digital Disruption Will Impact On CX in 2017

I have often written how digital disruption has completely changed the way that customers engage with brands. The customer journey used to be defined and controlled by companies, yet the mobile Internet and social networking platforms have now handed control to the customers to determine how and when they seek information or try engaging with […]

Poor CX Costs Companies Billions In Lost Sales

According to Forrester Research, 72% of executives now say that improving the customer experience (CX) is their number one priority. Yes, it’s become so important now that it beats cost reduction and growing revenues, although it could be argued that improving the CX usually has a positive effect on both these other targets. But as […]

Why Don’t Retailers Understand The In-Store CX?

A recent feature in Forbes talks about ways in which retailers can change the in-store customer experience (CX) – accepting that customer expectations about service have changed. I felt this personally last night when I was caught out in the rain with no umbrella. I got soaked and so, as soon as I could, I […]

How Many Marketing Directors Will Be Fired in 2017?

Forrester Research recently released a report highlighting 15 business dynamics that will change how companies operate in 2017 – what they are calling the “age of the customer.” You can click here to read the Forrester research, but I want to highlight one dynamic they mention in particular. It’s going to be a tough time […]

Mark Hilary

B2B: How Companies Socially Sell To Each Other

When people ask me what I do, I say that I’m a writer. They usually ask what kind of novels I write, but then I have to explain that there are many kinds of writer. I have written 15 non-fiction books and I’m working on two new ones at present, and I continue to contribute […]

Mark Hilary

Better CX Tools For Twitter: Too Little Too Late?

Twitter has recently introduced improvements to their Direct Messaging (DM) functionality to help businesses offer an improved customer experience (CX) when customers use Twitter to get in touch. The new tools allow a DM button to be offered, allowing quick access to DM and when the DM window appears, the brand can populate it with […]

Mark Hilary

Why Is Brexit Causing BPO Headaches in Cape Town?

I visited Cape Town and Durban recently as a guest of BPESA (Business Process Enabling South Africa) and attended the South Africa Business Process Management (BPM) Summit. The summit featured local business leaders, industry influencers, and politicians eager to create jobs in South Africa by riding the wave of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The majority […]

CX: The Customer Is Now In Charge!

Customers and stand-up comedians usually still think of the customer service process as difficult. The long waits on hold and the inability of customer service representatives to actually do anything to help, but times are changing. Think back a few years. It was the brands who defined how customers could get in touch by publishing […]