The sense of uncertainty caused by the ‘Brexit’ vote earlier this year won’t necessarily translate into economic turmoil. In fact, according to a report from the British Chambers of Commerce 2017 is set to be a period of steady growth. The report, which quotes the Bank of England’s own growth forecast, paints an unexpectedly positive […]

Consumers brassed off with so called programmatic ads online

The depth of irritation caused by programmatic ads targeting consumers for something they have already bought online has been revealed in a study for collaborative blogging platform, Niume. The Niume research found that well over half of all UK adults, 58%, find this effect of programmatic advertising irritating with over one in four, 27%, saying […]

Dyson advert banned for making false suction claims

An ad for a Dyson vacuum cleaner has been banned after the company misleadingly claimed it created 10 times more suction than a rival product from fellow British manufacturer Gtech.  Ironically the ban follows accusations from Dyson last month that rival Bosch was ‘the VW of the vacuum cleaner business’ for making misleading claims The […]

Aldi Xmas ad sends up John Lewis Man on the Moon tear jerker

Aldi has re-entered the war of the Christmas ads with a cheeky take on the John Lewis Man on the Moon tearjerker. Jean Jones, the pensioner with a penchant for Aldi gin who first appeared on screens in 2011, returns as the “Christmas friend” to cheer up a lonely old man on the moon who […]

ASA bans BT sports ads for misleading price claims

A number of ads for BT Sport have been banned for making misleading price claims. The campaign, including newspaper and television ads, all referred to the telecoms operator’s Champions League coverage and said BT Sport was “free” for those signing up to or renewing broadband and TV packages. However the ads drew 26 complaints, almost […]