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Bought By Many: Bringing an ecosystem of benefits to customers

By Elizabeth Akass, Editor, Engage Business Media Bought By Many is working to revolutionise pet insurance through a customer-centric model that explores innovative ways to prioritise ease, accessibility, value, experience, and quality of product for their users. Over 45% of the UK population currently own at least one pet, and this statistic is rising. In […]

BBC Studios: Why customer satisfaction starts with an engaged workforce

By Elizabeth Akass, Editor, Engage Business Media BBC Studios explains why improving customer satisfaction begins with leaders actively working to drive employee productivity and motivation through engaging them on a personal level and progressing company culture.  BBC Studios is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC Group with over 50 years of experience in making beloved […]

How AI is revolutionising the CCTV market

By Tim Raynor, Video Surveillance Product Manager at ADT Whether they’re in our homes, offices or on buildings that we walk past every day, there is an estimated 5.9 million surveillance cameras across the UK. CCTV has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives over the last few decades, with everyone from police to […]

Henshaws: How digital resources can empower people living with sight loss

By Elizabeth Akass, Editor, Engage Business Media Henshaws, a northern-based charity that works with 75,000 people living with sight loss across the Greater Manchester area, explains how its digital progression is further helping its users to gain confidence and independence. Henshaws was originally founded by Thomas Henshaw in 1837 to create a blind asylum for […]

Humanising Customer Relationships – The Emotion in the Automation

By Brad Snedeke, Director of Customer Advocacy, Calabrio Organisations are constantly assessing how a software product fits into the business processes it serves. At the most basic level, for example, a database’s value isn’t in the information it stores, but in how a business can use that information. Over the last 10 to 15 years, we’ve […]

Vogue International: Aligning content purposes to global audience needs

By Elizabeth Akass, Editor, Engage Business Media Vogue International explains how, 127 years after Vogue was first founded, it is revolutionising the brand’s digital content and making strides in engaging its global audience in innovative ways. Vogue is undeniably one of the most iconic brands in the world. The fashion and lifestyle magazine was originally […]

Twitter: Leveraging the world’s largest focus group

By Elizabeth Akass, Editor, Engage Business Media Twitter explains how it has transformed the way in which brands and customers can communicate with each other, and how both sides benefit from the instant nature of feedback enabled by the platform. In the age of global online platforms at our fingertips, instant communication and feedback has […]

Unilever: Improving customer experience through meaningful content

By Elizabeth Akass, Editor, Engage Business Media Unilever explains how it navigates the nuanced and ever-progressing world of marketing whilst ensuring that trust and quality remain its top priorities across all products and content. Founded in 1929, Unilever has grown to become the parent company to over 400 brands across a wide range of sectors, […]

Canford School: Daring to be digitally different

By Elizabeth Akass, Editor, Engage Business Media Canford School, a co-educational independent school for day and boarding pupils, explains how it transformed its digital marketing through an innovative website redesign to uphold its standard of excellence. In 2018, Canford School was named Best Boarding School of the Year by industry-leading magazine School Parent, and was […]