Customer experience


Banks should send their customers a bill each month to help them understand the true cost of their account and shake up competition in the sector, according to the chief executive of TSB. Paul Pester told the Press Association that at present, the true cost of banking for consumers was covered in a “cloak of […]

4 Strategies to Manage Customers’ Wait Time

No customer likes to wait. Smart businesses strive to minimize not only actual wait time, but also perceived wait time — the amount of time that customers think they waited, regardless of how long they truly waited. Because perceived wait time directly affects customer engagement, it is imperative to manage it in every customer interaction. […]

Five top tips on maximising ROI on the customer experience

As National Customer Service Week comes to an end, Nick Peart voices his opinion on how you can increase awareness and importance of customer service. When it comes to customer service return-on-investment, a key challenge for many senior executives is winning support from the board to invest in customer service, as despite our love for […]

The importance of time and effort in a customer experience strategy

In The Six PillarsTM, the pillar of Time and Effort is often one of the highest-scoring for some of the UK’s most successful brands. Similarly, it is one that customers attach a particularly high value to. Time is regarded as a precious asset, and one that many people wish to protect at all costs. This […]

High street estate agents falling behind customer expectations

High Street estate agents have not responded to consumers’ changing needs are worryingly out of date, according to an online agent. Three-quarters of house hunters now start their property search online, while just one in 25 does so by visiting an estate agency, said Rob Ellice, chief executive of easyProperty, a new venture from easyJet. […]

Airlines cashing in with hidden customer fees

Airlines are inflating fares by up to £36 per person by imposing ‘hidden charges’ for bags, better seats. Extra leg room and priority boarding an analysis of 63 airlines has found. The amount of money collected for ancillary added extras  increased by 21 per  cent with so called budget airlines leading the charge. Fees for […]

Big six energy suppliers losing customers in their droves

Disgruntled customers are ditching the energy giants in their droves as smaller independent suppliers continue to erode their market share, research suggests. The Big Six suppliers – British Gas, EDF, npower, E.ON, Scottish Power and SSE – have lost 660,000 customers in the last year, according to analysis from Cornwall Energy. While they remain by […]

Sabio’s six point digital channel checklist

Given that most consumers now have much better technology than the enterprises that serve them, contact centre technology specialist Sabio believes that organisations are finding it increasingly challenging to deal with the shift in power to consumers – as well as the explosion in digital interactions. To help simplify the task, the company has produced […]