Mind the gap: Marketers blindly optimistic on digital strategies being fit for purpose says new report

Today’s senior marketers in large organisations are setting unrealistic expectations for their company’s ability to execute on digital strategies, research by digital experiences company Acquia reveals. The report finds that, while 83% of heads of digital believe that their strategy is fit for purpose, 65% also see implementing digital across the business as their number […]

Majority of consumers ready to leave retailers unable to fulfill digital needs

The 2016 Consumer Trends Report revealSthat digital services are now expected as standard by consumers, with retailers needing to adapt, or risk their losing business altogether. With only 5 percent of consumers surveyed preferring to avoid omnichannel completely, it seems digital services are central to the retail experience. The study of 3,000 consumers in the […]

Poor government planning blamed for threat to digital revolution

Britain’s position as a leading player in the digital revolution is under threat because of poor Government planning for state-of-the-art infrastructure, a report has found. More than 90% of companies view internet access as essential, but the Government is not doing enough to strengthen the UK’s digital network within a fiercely competitive global marketplace, according […]


The UK economy could receive a boost of more than £90 billion if companies fully develop their digital potential, a new report claims. Research from Oxford Economics and Virgin Media Business suggests that continuing to increase the use of digital capabilities such as online collaboration and improving technology infrastructures could give an economic boost of […]


At the top of the Lithium Social Power Ranking is Microsoft, bumping Amazon to the #2 position, followed by MTV, Facebook and Google. These top 5 brands are leaders in providing a holistic digital customer experience, according to their Klout Scores, which measure how engaged customers are with a brand across social channels. The Lithium Social […]

23% of UK adults still don’t possess the Basic Digital Skills

Technology has, and will continue to, disrupt and transform our lives. Yet despite its ever-growing presence, 23% of UK adults still don’t possess the Basic Digital Skills necessary to take advantage of it according to digital skills charity Go ON UK. This means one in five people are unable to do simple things like send […]