Creating and deploying effective health insurance marketing and consumer engagement plans can be difficult for payers in today’s complex purchasing landscape. Payers must focus on building strong brands, clear messaging, and effective customer outreach that make a company’s offerings stand out in a market filled with competition. How can payers follow best practices from some of the largest, most successful insurance companies to develop meaningful marketing campaigns and encourage consumers to meet their clinical and financial responsibilities in a positive, collaborative way?

Developing a clear understanding of the geographic, demographic, and lifestyle factors of beneficiaries is a powerful marketing tactic for payers. Consumer profiles allow payers to target affordable products to a consumer base that is willing to purchase their health plans. For example, for patients living in very rural areas without convenient access to a major hospital, an insurance plan with a telehealth option may significantly improve care. Meaningful consumer profiles include an analysis of as many possible buyer challenges as possible.

Once payers finish profiling ideal buyers, they should build messaging and communication materials that reflect the lifestyle improvements their potential consumers are looking for. That can range from high quality chronic care, provider options for specific services, wellness, and cosmetic improvements. Humana targets much of its marketing to an important part of its consumer base: younger families looking to purchase family health plans, but who may not fully understand the insurance landscape. Their product page demonstrates this by educating younger families with FAQs and related guides on insurance definitions and guidelines.