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Chair Report – Customer Engagement Summit 2016 – Andrew McMillan

My Experiences As Chair Well, what a buzz! In an exciting start to the Customer & Employee Engagement stream first thing in Hall 4 we were packed out and standing to welcome our first speaker, Ian McVey. Ian, the Head of Enterprise Sales at Qualtrics, was

Chair Report – Future of the Contact Centre 2019 – Martin Hill-Wilson

Future of The Contact Centre – In Rude Health I’d Say The teaser for this event proclaimed that contact centres are at a crossroads. Either ascending in value to become the beating heart of the organisation. Or presumably absorbed into some form of Borg like

Chair Report – Future of the Contact Centre 2019 – Gerry Brown

Chair’s Report From Hall 2 The 2019 Future of the Contact Centre Conference, where I chaired Hall 2, provided a fascinating and absorbing insight into the changing world of the contact centre and the elements shaping its future. which was perhaps echoed by the

Chair Report – Future of the Contact Centre 2018 – Martin Hill-Wilson

Future of the Contact Centre It was a good crowd – an industry in genuine transformation – a busy agenda to mirror the extent of change. So the signs pointed to a great event which indeed it turned out to be. We began with an outside-in view from BT’s

Chair Report – Employee Engagement Summit 2018 – Kate Jones

Chair Report It's rare that I don't have music playing - in the car, at home, through my headphones if I need to focus at work. All my favourite films are musicals, and I'll tell anyone the woes of life as a tenor in a choir (read The Alto's Lament and that's

Chair Report – Employee Engagement Summit 2018 – Cathy Brown

Chair Report It was a pleasure once more to be working with the EBM team and chairing the 2018 Employee Engagement Summit. A great start with a packed room and people standing at the back - not bad for a very sunny Friday at the start of a bank holiday

Chair Report – Employee Engagement Summit 2017 – Cathy Brown

A Blog from the Chair As Chair of the Employee Engagement 2017, I was asked by the organisers to write a summary of the day. Last time they asked me this, I was caught slightly on the hop and hadn't really taken proper notes (being focussed on the here and now) so

Chair Report – CX Marketing Summit 2018 – Martin Hill-Wilson

Chair Report By the end of the day, the general vibe was that it worked with a feeling of 'let's do it again'. In between times, this is what happened. Julian Poulter, Research Director from Gartner kicked off with a fascinating research overview of Marketing's

Chair Report – CX Marketing Summit 2018 – Helen Wilson

Chair Report It's rare I leave a conference humming The Prodigy's 'Fi restarter' - in fact this may be the first time, but 'Go be a Fi restarter' was the rallying cry ringing in my ears (more on that later!), as I headed out from EB M's super successful CX

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