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Tenable Generates 3x Qualified Pipeline Globally

What if you could tell your SDR team, “Hey, I have a way to put money right in your pockets?” Or tell your marketing team, “I know how we can create more flexibility


Solve the data challenge for personalised CX in 2022 and beyond!

A recent Forrester Consulting study found that 65% of marketers are unsure who their customers are.  Zero-party data - intentionally shared by consumers in exchange for an


Should I stay or should I go? How established brands decide when to switch marketing automation vendors

The art of Marketing Automation vendor selection and migration boils down to risk management; anticipating issues before they become blockers and solving problems before they


How to Execute Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy: Operationalising Your ABM Program

If you’re a B2B marketer, you’ve probably had conversations around the importance of having an ABM strategy. But you might not have spent as much time discussing how to


The Third-Party Data Deprecation Playbook

The era of implicit opt-in and third-party data is officially coming to an end. Consumer privacy regulation and the death of third-party cookies are accelerating the need to


How the launch of New Coke changed CX forever

The launch of New Coke changed consumer’s emotional connections with brands forever. As businesses look to prosper after the pandemic, forging long-term, meaningful


Digital Commerce Campaigns: How to Increase Conversion Rates and Provide a Better CX

You spend too much time and money on your digital marketing campaigns to risk sending motivated consumers to an out-of-stock product. It’s crucial that your digital marketing


Post-pandemic customer retention insights: Keeping the customers you’ve acquired

With the rapid growth in online retail caused by the pandemic, all retailers face a common struggle: making sure that customers choose you and continue to choose you now that


A Marketers Guide: Consent and Personalisation in the Modern Privacy Era

With so many recent and upcoming privacy regulations, marketers need to rethink how they interact with users. How can marketers comply with privacy laws while maximising


Panel Discussion: Life After Third Party Cookies: Where do we go from here?

Around 80% of marketeers depend on third-party cookie data and 70% believe that the depreciation of third-party cookies will result in a downward shift for marketing


Going digital-first: The key to providing consistent and fast service

According to McKinsey research, more than 60% of consumers across the UK, EU, US, and APAC are trying new brands due to economic pressures, store closings, and changing


5 reasons to add video to your strategy

Don't miss your chance to discover why video is at the heart of all modern content strategies. A dynamic, modern, engaging but also a human media, videos are now produced in

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