Marketers would love to work for VW – the ultimate brand challenge

Damage caused to the VW brand since the emissions crisis became public presents the ultimate challenge for brand marketers, according to a poll of industry experts.

A week after news of the emissions scandal reached the public, the majority (70%) of brand marketers polled said they would take a job with the automotive giant, confident they would relish the role of recovering the brand perception.

VW pie chart

Only 13% said they would avoid associations at all costs, perceiving a job at VW to be ‘a nightmare role’

Serrol Osman, Managing Director of EMR said: “In modern business reputation and honesty is everything. The impact of cheating their emissions test will be felt globally by VW and their brand reputation amongst consumers has clearly already suffered. In today’s society it’s even more essential that businesses act in an honest and ethical manner as consumers’ awareness of a brand’s integrity is greater and the level of engagement with the brands they invest in is more complete, via social media etc.

That said the VW brand is strong within the market and synonymous with producing high quality products. Whilst the road ahead may be long, it’s likely that the brand will bounce-back. The fact that over 70% of marketers would take a role within the company suggests that there is a strong belief that the brand can rebuild its reputation and continue to grow.”

Specialist marketing agency EMR surveyed over 120 marketers to gage whether they would take on a brand role at VW following recent coverage of the emissions scandal.