New York-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists BGMC believe that strong leadership is a vital component for success. The firm has published their how to guide for becoming a leader.

As a firm committed to personal and professional development, BGMC a New York based outsourcing sales and marketing firm often run workshops centred around leadership skills.

The leadership guide has five key learnings.

1. Be a team player – a collaborative leader will have much more success than a dictator style leader. Getting involved and helping during periods of conflict, will strengthen team abilities and forge long lasting relationships within groups.

2. Lead from where you are – taking on difficult tasks will allow the spotlight to showcase skills and ability to lead from the front. True leaders can take control even when their role doesn’t require them to do so. This commitment to improvement will open opportunities within the right firm.

3. Be an expert, but learn and master new skills – Getting results in current duties is great, but taking an interest in developing new skills and embracing new projects will demonstrate ambition and willingness to learn.

4. Be open to feedback and criticism, and use it to grow – constructive feedback can accelerate learning opportunities and will demonstrate a commitment to career progression and openness to adapt to projects.

5. Demonstrate a firm understanding of client needs – leaders are natural communicators, using their skills to identify areas where solutions can be offered. Similarly, within the business, if there are opportunities to streamline processes and boost profitability these will increase the personal profile of the individual.

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