At the top of the Lithium Social Power Ranking is Microsoft, bumping Amazon to the #2 position, followed by MTV, Facebook and Google.

These top 5 brands are leaders in providing a holistic digital customer experience, according to their Klout Scores, which measure how engaged customers are with a brand across social channels.

The Lithium Social Power Ranking (formally known as the Klout 50) lists the top 50 global brands using digital strategies to create the ultimate customer experience.

“Klout is one of the only sources in the world to process more than 15 billion pieces of data every day across the web. We leveraged our big data insights to see which brands are excelling at connecting with their audiences and who is winning in the race for greater, sustained customer engagement. We congratulate the top 50 and encourage other brands to use social and digital strategies to get ahead of customers’ extreme expectations,” said Rob Tarkoff, president and Chief Executive Officer at Lithium, which operates Klout.

The 2015 Lithium Social Power Ranking revealed:

  •        New brands in the top 20: Sony (#8), Adidas (#19) and MasterCard (#20)
  •        Entirely new entrants: PayPal (#27), Lenovo (#31), Lego (#41), HM (#49) and Pampers (#50)
  •        Top risers from the 2014 ranking: Audi (#11 from #21) and MasterCard (#20 from #34)
  •        Top industries succeeding in social: tech with 34% and retail with 14%
  •        Top risers compared to the Interbrand 2015 Best Global Brands Report: MTV (#3 from #90), Chevrolet (#13 from #85) and MasterCard (#20 from #76), reflecting the reality that digital and social brand strength can widely diverge from traditional measures

“Digital has completely transformed current businesses and the way customers interact with brands. Measuring just brand strength is no longer enough. We must look at customer engagement across a brand’s Total Community – from Facebook and Twitter to user reviews and branded communities,” continued Tarkoff. “Customers expect more across the entire social and digital landscape -and brands must deliver.”

The Lithium Social Power Ranking is based on the Interbrand 2015 Best Global Brands Report and corresponding Klout Scores.  Klout Scores are compiled using proprietary algorithms, determined by more than 400 signals from eight different networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ as well as real world data from Wikipedia.

The 50 most digitally engaged and influential global brands listed in Lithium’s Social Power Ranking are:

Lithium Social Power Ranking Klout Score
1.          Microsoft 98.90
2.          Amazon 98.86
3.          MTV 98.39
4.          Facebook 98.22
5.          Google 97.52
6.          Intel 95.47
7.          ebay 93.83
8.          Sony 93.56
9.          Ford 93.43
10.                          McDonalds 92.76
11.                          Audi 92.75
12.                          CocaCola 92.22
13.                          Chevrolet 92.19
14.                          HP 92.16
15.                          Thomson Reuters 92.11
16.                          Honda 91.60
17.                          Nike 91.57
18.                          General Electric 91.18
19.                          Adidas 90.84
20.                          MasterCard 90.77
21.                          Adobe 90.46
22.                          Porsche 90.12
23.                          Goldman Sachs 89.67
24.                          Shell 89.56
25.                          SAP 89.33
26.                          Apple (AppStore) 89.21
27.                          PayPal 89.12
28.                          Pepsi 88.72
29.                          American Express 88.71
30.                          Tiffany and Co 87.89
31.                          Lenovo 87.45
32.                          Oracle 87.29
33.                          Budweiser 87.26
34.                          Gucci 87.22
35.                          Louis Vuitton 86.92
36.                          Morgan Stanley 86.75
37.                          Accenture 86.07
38.                          Burberry 85.97
39.                          Caterpillar Inc 85.62
40.                          Heineken 84.32
41.                          Lego 84.24
42.                          3M 84.08
43.                          John Deere 83.89
44.                          Sprite 83.59
45.                          Starbucks 83.57
46.                          Disney 83.00
47.                          Zara 82.85
48.                          Gillette 82.59
49.                          HM 82.09
50.                          Pampers 80.57



The Lithium Social Power Ranking is based on the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands report and the corresponding Klout Scores. Brands not measured by Klout are not included. To register for Klout and get your Klout Score, go to

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