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UK businesses are sending on average 20% more emails than they did pre-lockdown, according to HubSpot’s analysis of its 70,000 global customers’ activity.

The data gives a unique look at how businesses in the UK and around the world are adapting their marketing efforts to cope with the pandemic more than three months after Covid started to dramatically affect the world.

Website traffic

  • While it surged in the first stages of lockdown, website traffic in decline since the end of May, falling to 5% above pre-Covid averages in the final week of June, its lowest since the start of April

Marketing email sends

  • Marketing emails sent by UK companies were 20% above average at the end of June, ranking higher than many weeks pos- lockdown
  • After dipping to +6%, in late May, seems to have surged following announcement of the loosening of lockdown restrictions

Marketing email opens

  • Marketing email open rates were up 30%, the  joint highest rate since March which saw the initial announcement of lockdown and mass communications from businesses
  • Has remained consistently well above the pre-Covid average, likely due to people having more time on their hands

Small businesses (global)

Website traffic

  • Currently as 22% above pre-Covid levels, and has been reasonably consistently high throughout the pandemic
  • While small businesses are behind large enterprises (32%), medium-sized businesses are faring the worst, indicating that small businesses are effective at driving traffic among their customers and prospects

 Marketing email sends

  • Small businesses are sending 48% more emails as they try to stay afloat, which is more than medium (32%) and large (23%) businesses
  • This has remained constantly high throughout lockdown, peaking at 49% in late April

 Marketing email opens

  • This has risen post-Covid, currently standing at 15% above, but is notably lower than large enterprises throughout (medium are similar)

Customer-initiated conversations

  • Small businesses are currently seeing the biggest increase in customer-initiated conversations (for enquiries, support & service etc.), 54% above average
  • This has gradually increased throughout lockdown and appears to be trending upwards; medium and large businesses are close, but small seem to be getting the biggest growth
  • Small businesses face the largest challenges in responding to these requests

Ad spend

  • While small businesses cut ad spend the most at the beginning, continued reductions have grown smaller as restrictions lift, while large enterprises have cut more heavily

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