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Lego admits to making too many bricks

The company voted the world’s most powerful brand Lego said sales and profits had fallen for the first time in 13 years, blaming the weak performance on having to sell off excess stock cheaply. A Lego spokeswoman said it had “too much” stock in warehouses and shops. “There wasn’t enough room to get 2017 toys […]

The dawn of frictionless advertising

Samantha Seaton, CEO of Moneyhub Open Banking is one of the biggest shake-ups that the financial world has seen in recent years, bringing benefits for businesses and consumers alike. The reforms, which sit as part of the EU’s new payments regulations, mean that all banks and credit card providers across Europe must ‘open up’ their […]

Most customers would swap personal information for improved online customer experience

Across the board, UK shoppers are coming to accept that personal information is worth swapping for improved shopping experiences, with 86% agreeing they would volunteer personal data for improved privacy, faster shipping and greater discounts and deals. That’s according to a new consumer behaviour report from Episerver, the company transforming digital experiences, which surveyed 1,000 […]

On pack promotions still “pack a punch” says new research

One-third of UK adults (33%) are more likely to buy a particular product if it has an offer or promotion on the packet, according to new research The research also revealed that 69% of consumers have previously taken part in a sales promotion either on a pack, in store or online, and more than half […]

World’s most powerful brand Lego goes green with sugarcane based plastic

Lego’s leaves, bushes and trees are going properly green after the Danish toymaker said they would be made with plastic sourced from sugarcane. The pieces will be included in Lego’s box sets from this year onwards. The move is part of the Danish company’s pledge to use sustainable materials in its products and packaging by […]