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Hotel Chocolat accuses Waitrose of copying its chocolate bar design

Waitrose has been accused of “crossing the line” by allegedly copying a premium confectioner’s design for a new range of chocolate bars. Hotel Chocolat said the supermarket chain’s recently launched Luxury Chocolate Bar own-label range looked very similar to the wavy shapes of its own slabs which are registered with the EU Intellectual Property Office. […]

House of Fraser woes continue as it slumps to a £44 million loss

Department store group House of Fraser lost almost £44m in 2017 as sales fell. The department store’s potential new Chinese owner, C.Banner, said the loss of £43.9m reversed a pre-tax profit of £1.5m for the previous year, while sales fell 6.3% to £787.8m. It blamed Brexit, terror attacks and online for damaging the performance of […]

More than one in four consumers shop online at least once a week

Over a quarter (26%) of Brits are now shopping online once a week, compared to 22% last year. Two-thirds (68%) shop online at least once a month and 3% shop online every day. Consumers are spending more in comparison to last year with the average Brit spending £220 in total on online shopping over a […]

The Five Types of Social Proof that Increase Online Sales

In the world of online retail, we are always searching for new ways to prove to our customers that our products and services are the best. If we say it, then it is seen as marketing, but if someone else who the customer trusts says it, then it has a stronger sense credibility. This is […]

Third party vendors the biggest challenge facing enterprises over GDPR

Back in November, a report from Kaspersky Lab had revealed how inappropriate handling of sensitive data by third party vendors had cost businesses over £1.2 million. “Raising IT security budgets is only part of the solution, as the most staggering losses stem from the incidents involving third parties and their cyber-failures. “While cyber security incidents […]

Nestle to pay Starbucks $7.1bn to sell it’s coffee products

Nestle has announced that it will pay Starbucks $7.1bn (£5.2bn) to sell the company’s coffee products. The Swiss giant, which boasts Nescafe and Nespresso amongst its brands, will have the right to market Starbucks’ coffee in retail outlets outside the cafe chain. That part of the business currently generates $2bn in annual sales. The deal […]