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Employee engagement, performance and profitability

 A new analysis by Aon Hewitt found that high levels of employee engagement can dramatically influence an organization's growth rate, operating income and total shareholder return. In 2012, Aon Hewitt examined the relationship between employee engagement and financial performance using data from 94 global companies representing nearly 9 million employees over the years spanning 2008 […]

Retail customers are coming to grief

  Buying clothes online but getting it wrong triggers a complex series of emotions that closely resemble the grief cycle, new research has found.  While most unlikely to be as intense as mourning, the cycle of emotions that afflict a disappointed shopper can be mapped easily against the accepted Kübler-Ross model for the ‘five stages […]

Continued rise in global employee engagement

 Though organizations around the world continue to struggle with economic volatility and uneven growth patterns following the global recession, a new analysis by Aon Hewett finds that overall employee engagement worldwide and employees' perceptions of their overall work experience continues to modestly improve. Aon Hewitt's annual study of more than 2,500 organizations representing 3.8 million […]

UK consumers expect great service as standard

 Consumers in the UK came top in a global survey commissioned by Interactive Intelligence for expecting excellent customer service as standard. In response to the question “Would you be willing to pay a fee to receive a higher level of service?” 86% of the Britons polled answered: “No, I expect good service as part of […]