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Only one in four contact centres offer seamless service

A new White Paper charting current Contact Centre progress in dealing with new media from Genesys finds that while UK contact centres recognise the inevitable rise of multichannel communication, just 27 per cent feel that their agents could process enquiries seamlessly between channels. The White Paper is based on an independent study carried out in […]

Only one in three organisations into employee wellbeing

Two thirds of organisations have yet to adopt any sort of wellbeing programme despite the majority of firms understanding the related business benefits, research finds. The study from Edenred and EnergiseYou revealed that while the majority of organisations (66%) make the link between employee engagement and wellbeing, only a third (33%) follow through with a […]

Employee engagement Task Force set to go live

The Employee Engagement Task Force, set up by PM David Cameron and which includes academics, consultants and research houses, is publishing the website providing advice, tools and networking opportunities to UK employers. The website will go live on 26 November and will be accompanied by a series of free workshops across the country. Taskforce co-chairs […]

Employee Engagement banana shaped at Groupon

Groupon has an annual engagement survey called Pulse, as well as monthly focus groups for staff to discuss what is working and what is not working in its benefits provision. Hailey Wojcik, HR director for Northern Europe at Groupon, said: “When employees are engaged with the process, they will be engaged with the business and […]

Global customer experience new business battleground

SDL has released a report commissioned with Forrester Consulting that explores the six disciplines that companies should follow to overcome the challenges faced when managing customer experience on a global scale. As technology enables more companies to sell to more markets more quickly, the individual customer experience becomes harder to manage. Getting the customer experience […]