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Does Customer Engagement drive superior business performance?
Andrew Bryan, Executive Fellow and Programme Director, Henley Business School
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Providing Game Changing CX by Mastering Social Media
Jyllene Miller, SVP of Marketing and Client Engagement Strategy, Concentrix
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Accelerating Growth at Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal by focusing on Customer Experience, Data and Insight
Steve Grycuk, Chief Experience Officer, Dow Jones
Nick Varney, VP Customer Value and Engagement, Dow Jones
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When a Customer Wins, Nobody Loses
Gerry Brown, Chief Customer Rescue Officer, Customer Lifeguard
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Transformation – Our People and Our Customers Part One


Metro Case Study: Ruthless Simplicity – Colleague Engagement & Customer Choice
Andrew Richards, Head of Organisational Development, Metro Bank
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People Power
Sally Earnshaw, Managing Director, Blue Sky
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The Rise of Customer Service Design


John Lewis Case Study
Steve Kato-Spyrou, UX Manager, John Lewis
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Bupa Case Study: Getting the People Right, by Design
Anna Wilcox, Head of Customer Experience, Bupa
Machaela Shepherd, Customer Experience Manager, Bupa
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Personalisation of the Customer Experience


South East Water Case Study: Water, water everywhere – but will there be?
Lee Dance, Head of Water Resources, South East Water
Rob Sheldon, Managing Director, Accent
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Power to The People – The Challenging Evolution of Customer Management
Moritz Dinger, Market Director, Capita
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Robotics, AI and Customer Engagement


Cambridge City Council Case Study: The Challenges of Channel Shift, Self-Service and Process Automation
Jonathan James, Head of Customer Services, Cambridge City Council
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Transformation – Our People and Our Customers Part Two


How AI Powered CX Reinvents How Customers & Colleagues Engage
Martin Hill-Wilson, Founder, Brainfood Consulting
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Sure Petcare Case Study: Enabling frontline staff through happiness at work – melting the iceberg of ignorance
Sarah Metcalfe, Head of Customer Service, Sure Petcare
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Customer Engagement Transformation in Financial Service 


Insurance Case Study: Are you Covered? How to Guarantee Premium Customer Engagement
Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO, ContentGuru
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Stuck in the Mud
Claire Sporton, SVP CX Innovation, Confirmit
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technology and Customer Engagement – Part One


Fuelling Customer Experience: How Shell Puts Customers At the Centre Of Everything They Do
Mark Harrison, Former General Manager of Customer Excellence, Shell
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Best Practice: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation and Calculating ROI
Mark Grainger, VP Sales Europe, Engage Hub
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12:40 Case Study: How we Turned Customer Support Into Part of our Product
Orinta Gaucyte, Customer Experience Manager,
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Customer Engagement Transformation in Retail and Logistics


Do You Really Know That You’re Giving Customers What They Need?
John Upton, Former Managing Director, LEON
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Oliver Bonas Case Study: Cool Head, Warm Heart
Sarah Davies, Customer Service Manager, Oliver Bonas
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Digital Customer Engagement Transformation


Linguistic Modeling – A Universally Applicable Tool to Improve Engagement
Toby Poulsom, Digitalisation Manager, Hager
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Becoming Customer Centric with Digital Solutions
Ross Lane, Head of Digital Contact Centre Solution, DOTS
Depesh Nathwani, Director of Digital Services & Business Development, DOTS
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How to Get Your Whole Organisation Behind Delivering Great Experiences
Richard Spencer, Director, Promoderation
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Technology and Customer Engagement – Part Two


News UK Case Study: How We Use Customer Behaviour & Data Science to Increase Retention to Record Rates
Peter Evia-Rhodes, Head of Engagement, Operations and Retention, News UK
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Whirlpool Case Study: The Role of CX in a Traditional Manufacturing Industry
Liam Page, Head of Marketing, Whirlpool
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