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Interesting story in this week’s newsletter heading up the fact that new EU rules could spell the death of a ‘throwaway’ culture in which products are bought, used briefly, then binned. The regulations will apply to a range of everyday items such as mobile phones, textiles, electronics, batteries, construction and packaging.

They will ensure products are designed and manufactured so they last – and so they are repairable if they go wrong. It should mean that phones last longer and prove easier to fix. That may be especially true if the display or the battery needs changing. It’s part of a worldwide movement called the Right to Repair, which has spawned citizens’ repair workshops in several UK cities.

The plan is being presented by the European Commission. It’s likely to create standards for the UK as well – even after Brexit. That’s because it probably won’t be worthwhile for manufacturers to make lower-grade models that can only be sold in Britain.

It’s all part of what one green group is calling the most ambitious and comprehensive proposal ever put forward to reduce the environmental and climate impact of the things we use and wear. Proposals aim at making environmentally-friendly products the norm. One green group, the European Environment Bureau (EEB), said: “The strategy is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the way we manufacture, use and dispose of our products in a way that benefits people and the planet.”

Some far reaching proposals here and ones that will be discussed at our upcoming CX Marketing Summit to be held this Autumn. Look forward to seeing you there.

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