Three lucky marketing professionals and their little helper have won £506.17 by solving clues in a rubbish bin treasure hunt yesterday.

The group took part in Instagram scheduling tool, HopperHQ’s, ‘cash dash’ on their lunch break and beat more than 300 participants to find the money hidden in a bin.

Lauren Gregory, 26, a Social Media Manager from Samphire Communications – was among the team of four:

“The hunt was possibly the most fun I could have on a Tuesday lunch break. We were originally two pairs, Lucy & Fred and Lauren & Isabelle, but we bumped into each other at Soho Square and being colleagues thought it too awkward not to team up!

“We’ve always been fans of HopperHQ as it helps us with our social media clients immensely so being able to be part of something they planned was great. We spotted others taking part along the way and tried not to be too obvious when we found the stickers for the selfies at each spot!

“It got quite heated towards the end with people sprinting to each new clue, intense. We thought we’d lost it as others were quicker, and more red-faced than us, but little Fred was the perfect height for finding the stash on the floor next to the bin!

“We split the winnings four ways between Isabelle, Lucy, our littlest member Fred and I. Mine will be going towards a trip to Italy in September, Fred has his eyes on setting up a savings account for a new Nintendo or Xbox, Lucy a cookery course and Isabelle is riding out the week until payday.”