Transcribed videos can increase company revenue up to 16 percent

Marketing experts have discovered that e-commerce stores that use video advertising on their sites with professionally transcribed, non-automated captions can boost their revenue by up to 16% by increasing SEO rankings and visibility on Google.

Businesses using YouTube videos to market their product are urged to create their own captions and not rely on YouTube’s auto captioning feature – the general low-quality of automated captions means they are indexed on neither Google nor YouTube. However, professionally transcribed, coherent captions will be acknowledged by both websites.

In order to get the most out of their captioned video or audio files, business owners can revise their SEO strategies, and establish keywords that are most relative to their business and embed those keywords into the site.

“Academics and now marketing experts have shown the benefits that transcribed videos can bring to different spheres,” said transcription service provider GoTranscript CEO, Peter Trebek. “These benefits are not just visual, either. Marketing experts have shown that by adding the keywords from a transcript in the title of a video and its description can improve SEO and bring more views – a study by Discovery Digital Networks revealed that videos with added transcripts are viewed almost 8% more over a lifespan, as compared to those without.”

Best known for its 99% accuracy rate and a team of professional human freelance transcribers, Go Transcript is a non-AI transcription service, which recently gave its clients the opportunity to edit transcribed files, and add closed captions to the audio and video files they upload for transcriptions.

Unlike subtitles, closed captions provide a full-text description of what is happening, which means video content – from YouTube videos to feature films – can be enjoyed with the sound off. Closed Captions also increase the chance that a video will be watched to the end by 80%, and 40% of viewers will at least open it.