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Elsa Coleaux, Marketing Technologist at Deliveroo discusses the use of NLP (natural language processing) with paid search for performance optimization. NLP is a range of computer styles that gives technology the ability to understand text and spoken word, similar to how humans would.

Elsa outlines the challenges faced with prior to using NLP; Irrelevant traffic, cross account cannibalization, relevant traffic but no supply and negative keywords limit.

Deliveroo created an automated relevant converter, this was built to find words with low similarity and then add these as a negative key word.

Elsa describes how this positively affects the customers perspective. NLP will personalize the customers search with more relevant ads, instead of being brought to Deliveroo’s page for something they cannot offer. This also helps the company focus on targeting the right people.

Elsa informs us how NPL needs to be ‘human tuned’ instead of using ‘straight out of the box’, it must be constantly tailored to your business.

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