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Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes

Ometria Chief Revenue Officer Click to
Nicholas Brice

Nicholas Brice

Engage Business Media Guest Editor Click to
22nd June 2021

With the rapid growth in online retail caused by the pandemic, all retailers face a common struggle: making sure that customers choose you and continue to choose you now that they’re hyper aware of all the different options they have. In this environment, creating a great digital experience can be a retailer’s biggest competitive differentiator, but it’s not easy to achieve.

To help retailers make sense of their data and shed light on the areas they should focus on and prioritize, we examined over 20 billion customer data points to analyse the relationship between different success measures to see which ones best predicted future performance.


  • The relationship between repeat rate and revenue
  • The sweet spot of new vs. returning revenue
  • The importance of subscribed customers
  • And many more insights from our data….