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CX Marketing Summit

Every interaction that a customer has with a company, be it online or offline, changes their impression of the brand. For this reason, there has never been a more important time for the marketing function to ensure a great CX through each touchpoint of creating awareness, driving conversions, and keeping existing customers happy.

The CX Marketing Summit will take you on a journey to CX excellence, as we look at the increasing number of organisations who are combining the efforts of the customer and marketing departments to provide consistent messaging and further enhanced customer understanding and insights, which leads to tailored, personalised offerings that attract and retain a loyal customer base.

The day will provide a survival guide for CX as we discuss topics such as the power of personalisation, giving consumers the content that they want, what happens when a customer first design takes a backseat, the craft behind a successful marketing strategy, how customer insights can drive success, the importance of brand identity and more.

Case study presenters sharing their stories at the Summit are seeing a seamless CX  as a result of their own strategic efforts and, by joining them, you’ll be able to reap similar rewards.

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How AI is revolutionising the CCTV market

By Tim Raynor, Video Surveillance Product Manager at ADT Whether they’re in our homes, offices or on buildings that we walk past every day, there is an estimated 5.9 million surveillance cameras across the UK. CCTV has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives over the last few decades, with everyone from police to […]

Henshaws: How digital resources can empower people living with sight loss

By Elizabeth Akass, Editor, Engage Business Media Henshaws, a northern-based charity that works with 75,000 people living with sight loss across the Greater Manchester area, explains how its digital progression is further helping its users to gain confidence and independence. Henshaws was originally founded by Thomas Henshaw in 1837 to create a blind asylum for […]

Amazon in row with customers over plastic packaging

The US retail giant Amazon has been criticised by customers for increasing its use of plastic packaging. While UK supermarkets and shops try to use less plastic, Amazon earlier this year introduced a new range of padded plastic envelopes for deliveries. One fed-up customer told the BBC: “Amazon shouldn’t be creating more plastic waste.” Amazon […]

Vaping company attracts fresh funding despite new lawsuits

Investors have pumped another $325m into e-cigarette market leader maker Juul Labs despite growing health concerns and fresh legal action. The money will help finance the US firm’s global growth at a time of greater regulatory scrutiny at home. Juul, 35%-owned by Marlboro maker Altria, has been accused of targeting its vaping devices at children, […]

Humanising Customer Relationships – The Emotion in the Automation

By Brad Snedeke, Director of Customer Advocacy, Calabrio Organisations are constantly assessing how a software product fits into the business processes it serves. At the most basic level, for example, a database’s value isn’t in the information it stores, but in how a business can use that information. Over the last 10 to 15 years, we’ve […]


Ted Baker is ending its partnership to sell children’s clothing through Debenhams and is switching to Next. It has signed a five-year deal with Next, who will “create and sell” Ted Baker-branded clothes, shoes and accessories for babies and children. The news comes just months after Debenhams, which has sold Ted Baker’s children’s line for […]


In early 2017, a memo circulated inside Amazon that imagined an ambitious new grocery chain. The document was written like a news release, a common practice for ideas being weighed inside the company, with the title “Grocery Shopping for Everyone.” The new stores, the document envisioned, would have robust sections for produce, fresh food and […]


A group of YouTube video makers is suing it and parent company Google, claiming both discriminate against LGBT-themed videos and their creators. The group claims YouTube restricts advertising on LGBT videos and limits their reach and discoverability. But YouTube said sexual orientation and gender identity played no role in deciding whether videos could earn ad […]

Brands face unintended consequences of GDPR says new research

Almost six in 10 (58%) marketers say GDPR has impacted the way they approach domain management and security, with almost one-third (31%) saying the same about Brexit. This is according to the latest global research report released by MarkMonitor, a Clarivate Analytics company and world leader in enterprise brand protection. In addition, 38% say the […]