Love it or hate it Brits have been loyal to Marmite for over 20 years

Research by Sodexo Engage has found that Marmite is the brand UK consumers have been loyal to the longest, with 78% of Brits preferring Marmite over other brands in the same category. The data also shows that 79% of consumers are likely to recommend the brand to others.

Sodexo Engage, specialists in employee and consumer engagement, surveyed 5,000 UK consumers about hundreds of household name brands across supermarkets, technology, food and drink, personal care and household goods, looking at how loyal customers really are towards different brands and why. The research highlighted that when it comes to choosing items off the shelf, consumers are more likely to choose a British company.

This research aligns with previous findings from Nielsen which found that 59% of U.K consumers believe where a brand is from is as least as important as the product’s benefits.

When examining length of brand loyalty in the food category, Marmite was closely followed by British multinational confectionery company Cadburys and British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer Tesco. Loyalty to these brands is driven by consistent quality (55%) and good value for money (42%).

CHRIS BALDWIN, DIRECTOR OF CONSUMER PROMOTIONS AND LOYALTY AT sODEXO ENGAGE, COMMENTED: “Marmite became a classic British savoury treat in the early 20th century when it was included in World War One rations. It’s no surprise that the much-loved spread has fans who have been loyal for over 20 years. The brand is still as popular as ever, placing 4th overall of the nation’s favourite food brands in our Brand Loyalty Index.

What we know from our research is that a combination of quality and value for money drives brand loyalty and of the brands listed in our top 50, it’s clear that British brands are doing something right!”

Top 10 Brands for consumer loyalty
1 Samsung
2 Apple
3 Cadburys
4 Kellogg’s
5 Dyson
6 Oral B
7 Walkers
8 Marmite
9 Dove
10 Sky TV