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Gabor Gyenes

Gabor Gyenes

JustPark Head of Customer Support Click to
Kelly Davey

Kelly Davey

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Steve Hurst

Steve Hurst

Engage Business Media Editorial Director Click to
27th April 2021

Like many businesses focused on CX, JustPark was looking for a way to solve most customer service department’s main dilemma: How to reduce the wait time for customers while reducing the workload of customer service agents. Automating customer service at scale with a chatbot seemed like the right technology solution to help them achieve their goals. An important consideration during their search for the right solution was to find a chatbot that would seamlessly integrate into their existing Zendesk platform. The combination of people, processes and technology between Zendesk and the selected Solvemate service automation platform worked so well that JustPark won the Best Technology Integration in Customer and Employee Engage at the 2020 Engage Awards!

Join this presentation to learn from customer service award-winning JustPark:

• How technology helped them improve customer self service rates while increasing the support team’s morale
• How they found technology partners that shared their vision for innovation
• How the cost savings of the new solution allowed them to re-invest funds into new departmental projects
• 5 top tips for creating an award-winning customer service strategy with customer service automation